File version: 5

File is zlib compressed. Ratio: 65%

File size: 14752 (Depacked)

Frame rate: 50.000000

Frame count: 0

Movie width: 300.00

Movie height: 200.00

# Sample Button2 example for Swftools #
# Object Button and text with effect on press #
# FlashPlayer Bug ? the _quality should change and crash on Windows v6.x

.flash bbox=300x200 version=5 name="button2.swf" compress

        .font myfont "../font/Automaton.swf"
        .box fond width=300 height=200 color=gray fill=white line=2
        .box button_idle width=200 height=60 color=blue fill=salmon line=5
        .box button_hover width=200 height=60 color=red fill=salmon line=6
        .box button_pressed width=200 height=60 color=gray fill=salmon line=5

        .text text_button font=myfont text="SwfTools" color=blue size=25%
        .text text_button_pressed font=myfont text="SwfTools" color=firebrick size=25%

        .text info_text font=myfont text="Button pressed" color=red size=15%

.button object_button

        .show button_idle as=area
        .show button_idle as=idle
        .show button_idle as=shape
        .show button_hover alpha=90% as=hover 
        .show info_text pin=center x=100 y=-30 as=pressed # coordinates are relative
        #Some Actionscript for v6 player bug ? Should ok now.


# Place Objects

        .put fond
        .put button_pressed x=52 y=52
        .put text_button_pressed pin=center x=152 y=77 alpha=90% # Background text with offset
        .put object_button x=50 y=50
        .put text_button pin=center x=150 y=75

.end # End swf movie